We zoom in on a vibrant region of India. A place of contrasts, where history, culture, and nature are incredibly rich and diverse. Rajasthan, a northwestern state, home to the sprawling Thar Desert, is the starting point for this season’s inspiration. Here, men and women tirelessly perpetuate ancestral traditions, promoting prosperity and security. One such practice that prevails is Mandana painting. These ornamental drawings use a unique, geometrical vocabulary where each carefully crafted line has its own distinct aesthetic. Using chalk or rice powder, women draw these stylized patterns on the floors or walls of their homes to invoke the protection of gods and goddesses. Whether performed for religious holidays, births, or weddings, Mandana paintings are integral to their lives. The practice stretches as far back as their collective memory allows. Certainly, throughout millennia, words have been forgotten and acts have been erased. Nevertheless, an intense emotion endures, an unforgettable experience.